The Blind Belief

The life Truth is not a belief, it is an experience.

All beliefs are false and blind. Our life is based on nothing else but beliefs. The basic stone of our foundation is nothing but belief. Someone is believing in God, Some believe in heaven, some believe in hell, someone is following the principle of sin and virtue. You have no proof, no self-experience of anything but you agree, you believe and do not search for the truth. You die without searching life truth, without knowing who you are, without going deep inside.

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The biggest barrier to search is the believer’s mind. A believer mind is a kind of house with all the doors locked (from outside by the society). And the wonder is that this is inserted in the human mind from the very beginning that the believer’s mind is a good mind, is very religious and gentle. Do not question, do not search existential truth just believe.

But the bitter truth is that the believer’s mind is unrighteous. No matter how much strong belief is of atheism or theism, it does not make any difference. It makes a person blind, it is a kind of poison given to you, a kind of drug so that you stop inquiring, you stop asking questions so that your ability to question the existence and know the truth can be killed from the very beginning. This all is done purposely by the civilizations, priests, religious agents to keep you inside those boundaries else you will be free bird and society will not be able to keep you in the desired boundaries.

Truth demands inquiry not belief. Once you encounter truth, it becomes experience and thereafter no use of belief because it becomes your own experience.

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Heaven & Hell

Heaven and Hell are not geographical locations. If you go to find them, you will not find anyone anywhere, because they are inside you. The mind is heaven and mind is hell. The mind itself has the potential to become any of them. But people go on thinking that everything is out there. We always look outside for everything because it is very difficult to go inside ourselves. We are outgoing people.

The same happens with all other perceptions. Just like nothing exists inside. What is inside you? The moment you think about the inside, it seems like everything is empty there. What is inside? The whole world is outside, sex is outside, sin is outside, morality is also outside. God, heaven, hell and everything is outside. What is inside then? Who are you after? The moment you think this, the mind becomes completely blank and there is nothing in it.

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Actually, everything is inside, outside is only its projection. There is fear in you, then that fear launches hell. Hell is only an image projected on the screen of fear in you – whatever poison of anger and jealousy etc. is in you and all the sorrowful and wicked feelings which are inside – Hell is the projection of that. Then heaven too, whatever is beautiful and auspicious inside you and whatever is important, has its projected image.

Divine is the highest possibility of your inner abilities and Devil is your highest downfall. You cannot encounter DIVINE, but you can be DIVINE yourself. When you reach the highest peak of existence, you will not get the divine to welcome you there. Only you will be there with your godliness. Therefore it can be said, there is no existence of Divine there, only existence is divine!!

No heaven or hell outside, everything is inside.

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Think Positive – Hell

“Think Positive”

Think Positive is a wrong idea inserted in human mind, this never works. This is a wrong notion that you think positive and everything will be fine. Scientifically, what you call positive thinking is done with conscious mind whereas your subconscious and unconscious already knows negatives of the situation you are going through. Moreover, your conscious don’t have any control over subconscious as well as unconscious.

Thinking positive by discarding negative aspect in miserable event means being disingenuous; it means being corrupt with yourSELF. It means noticing something and yet rejecting what you are going through. It means cheating yourself and even others.

Life exists in duality, you cannot accept life and discard death. You cannot accept happiness and discard sadness. You have to have a vision of accepting life as a whole in its totality where you accept both the poles, good as well as bad, happiness as well as sadness, ups as well as downs. Do not become selective, this is very dangerous, it divides you into fragments. Learn to accept life as a WHOLE.

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Negative and positive both are an equal part of nature and our lives. Negative balances positive and vice-versa. In between, there exists “Reality” which has both positive and negative in it as a whole. Other than thinking positive or negative in miserable circumstances of life, there is a way called accepting the “Reality” as it is!!

Think positive is a quote for those who hide negativity. Even the situation’s are not good in their life, when you ask “hey, how are you??” What’s going on… S/he will give a fake smile and respond to you, “all good”, ” No worries”, but deep inside s/he is not that good, just pretending, fooling each other.

Some may argue that thinking positive gives energy to carry on or a hope but all the hopes belong to the future and are uncertain, one thing is only certain and that’s the REALITY. You cannot change reality just by thinking positive but for sure can mislead yourself.

Think positive simply means “Take everything positively”. The negative should not have any space in your approach, there should be “no negative part.” This is making a part, the positive part as a whole by discarding negative completely. Positive thinking cannot change anything because it is a way of avoiding looking at the subconscious & unconscious mind, which is full of our negativity. Positive thinking is done with the conscious mind whereas our lives run by the subconscious and unconscious mind.

If you learn to accept REALITY in totality, life as a whole, there is no need of thinking positive in miserable situation’s because you accepted life in a WHOLE, you are not selective, you are not fragmented. You accept not only happiness but sadness too, you accept not only life but death too.

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Life without desire is Godliness. God is a person. Seeing God as a person spread the web of our misconceptions. Temples are built, mosques are built, Churches are built. Worshipping God as a person, spread the web, a trap has been set, an infinite trap has been set! Instead, religion became the liberation of human; Religion became chains for humans; Religion became a prison for humanity. And the fundamental fallacy behind all this, it was from here that we accepted God as a person. God is not a person.

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God is not there .. Godliness is there! Godliness is virtue; Not a person.

No, God is not a person; Life is another name; Liveliness is another name. So when you are fully alive and within you everything becomes silent, everything becomes silent, everything becomes uncontrolled … then the fragrance that arises, then the feeling, the name of that feeling, that divinity The name of that godliness is the God.

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Question, Answer and The Solution

There are no answers to the real questions of the life. Those claim to answer your questions are foolish. The questioner is an unintelligent, so the questioner and the answerer must also be unintelligent, hence answering. In fact, those who are knowledgeable do not answer your stupid questions. They give solutions, not answers. Understand the difference.

There are no answers to the real questions of the life.

There is a big difference between answers and solutions, there is a difference of ground and sky. The solution means: the fall of the question, the disappearance of the question. And the meaning of the answer is: instead of the question, an assumption is placed inside you. But 100 new questions will arise from that notion. An answer came from the assumption, do not think that a question is solved; Only 100 questions became more convenient.

There are no answers to genuine questions. The answer is the fall of true questions. There are answers to false questions.

Where is the answer in the answeres? There are thousands of questions buried in the answers. That’s why a awaken person like Buddha did not answer: Whenever someone asked who made the world, Buddha said: Nobody, the world is forever.

Questions will arise on the question. Solution is another thing. And there is only one way to the solution… not the answer to the question, the fall of the question. The question becomes as meaningless as if a dry leaf falls from a tree.

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Nature of Consciousness

When you become aware, just consciousness remains and the nature of consciousness is like a mirror. The mirror has no choice of its own. Whoever comes in front of it gets reflected, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, whatever. Mirror has no choice, he does not judge, he does not condemn.

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Nature of consciousness at the source is just like a mirror or as a newborn child, he reflects on whatever comes before him. He does not say anything, does not explain anything. As the interpretation enters, the mirror loses its mirror-like quality. He is no longer pure. Now he becomes fragmented, divided into divisions divided into divergent opinions. When consciousness is divided, it is not like a mirror, then it becomes the mind. The mind is a broken mirror. If you give up favouring, like and dislike- if you get out of these accounts, the mind again becomes a mirror, a pure consciousness.

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