The Blind Belief

The life Truth is not a belief, it is an experience.

All beliefs are false and blind. Our life is based on nothing else but beliefs. The basic stone of our foundation is nothing but belief. Someone is believing in God, Some believe in heaven, some believe in hell, someone is following the principle of sin and virtue. You have no proof, no self-experience of anything but you agree, you believe and do not search for the truth. You die without searching life truth, without knowing who you are, without going deep inside.

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The biggest barrier to search is the believer’s mind. A believer mind is a kind of house with all the doors locked (from outside by the society). And the wonder is that this is inserted in the human mind from the very beginning that the believer’s mind is a good mind, is very religious and gentle. Do not question, do not search existential truth just believe.

But the bitter truth is that the believer’s mind is unrighteous. No matter how much strong belief is of atheism or theism, it does not make any difference. It makes a person blind, it is a kind of poison given to you, a kind of drug so that you stop inquiring, you stop asking questions so that your ability to question the existence and know the truth can be killed from the very beginning. This all is done purposely by the civilizations, priests, religious agents to keep you inside those boundaries else you will be free bird and society will not be able to keep you in the desired boundaries.

Truth demands inquiry not belief. Once you encounter truth, it becomes experience and thereafter no use of belief because it becomes your own experience.

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11 thoughts on “The Blind Belief”

  1. You are right, blind belief, it is is a trap.
    This world, it has so many things and so many beings all seeking to instill their beliefs, their subjective truths into us. Wanting us to take these subjectives as absolutes and to live by them. Perspectives and truths, they are infinite in amount.

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